A visual travel to the Chinese past

Presented by China Special

1. The Opium War

in which Chinese coastguardsforces fought with their bodies against the invaders using muskets.

2. The last emperor and his bride in 1905

3. A trial scene in Guangzhou

4. A street scene in Jiu-jiang

5. A street scene in Peking in 1650

6. Sun Yat-sen and his bride Sung Qing-ling in 1911

7. The Red Army on the Long March

8. Jiang Jie-shi, Zhang Xue-liang and Feng Yu-xiang, end of 1927

9. A 12-year-old nationalist soldier shortly before the Huai Hai Battle in 1948

10. A Red Army man helping the refugees

11. The CPL Army entered the city Peking, 1949

12. Execution in Shanghai, 1870

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